What is the analysis cost for NGOs?

The costs associated with the analysis and the reports are covered by donors. However, a onetime tuition fee of $950 Mexican pesos for participating organizations is requested. The fee should be deposited in Confio´s bank account before the agreement is signed.

Confio has an scholarship program, which redeems the tuition fee. When the organization is proactive and enthusiastic to start Confio´s process, the organization should provide an intent letter along with 12 documents (from the 36 documents required to complete the process), this is within two months after the initial diagnose was made. If organizations take advantage of the scholarships available plus redeem the tuition fee ALL Confio´s services could be for free.

How are the NGOs chosen to participate in the analysis?

What is the first step to participate and what information should I bring?

The first step to participate is to present a letter of intent to initiate the agreement of collaboration between Confio and the organization. The format for the letter could be downloaded in the following link. Link.  

Who decides about the analysis publication?
To carry out the analysis, the NGO has to only show its financial statements?
The analysis process happens only once?
How long does it take the analysis process?
Confio´s website, does it only post information about NGO´s that comply with all the standards?
If my NGO improves on a specific standard after the analysis, can the analysis report be updated to reflect such improvements/changes?