International Presence

Confio is the only organization in Mexico and Latin America to be a member of the International Committee on Fundraising Organizations (ICFO), its worldwide network of members ensures that fundraising for charitable purpose is being organized and performed in a satisfactory manner and that the administration of the collected funds is adequate.


ICFO was founded in 1958 as the association of national charity monitoring organizations to harmonize accreditation procedures and standards. ICFO consists of 19 organizations from 18 nations, which monitor more than 4,000 charities and manage 60 billion euros.

Being part of  ICFO gives Confio the opportunity to exchange information and experiences with similar organizations from other countries.

ICFO members provide access to independent information to more than 750 million citizens, so donors can decide to which accredited NGO they will donate.

IFCO Members

Confio implements Fundacion Lealtad´s methodology, which works in Spain since 2001 analyzing NGOs transparency and good practices. Such methodology is based in 9 principles that answer donors’ questions and facilitate their decision to donate. Fundacion Lealtad has helped about 2,000 Spanish NGOs to become accredited, and it has also assisted in about 700 collaborations between companies and accredited NGOs.