Requirements to be analyzed and scholarships

Requirements for NGOs that would like to be analyzed by Confio:

  • To be legally established by Mexican law
  • To perform non-profit activities for social benefits
  • To have two full years of continuous operation
  • To have financial statements from the last two fiscal years. When an organization´s income is higher than $2 million pesos in the last fiscal year, it is required that the organization´s financial statements are audited.

Confio also signs an agreement with the organization to be analyzed in order to designate the following:

  • The organization´s commitment to provide the needed information for the analysis .
  • Personal information and information not related to the analysis will not be disclosed by Confío.
  • Regardless of the grade accomplished at the analysis, the report is public and posted at Confio´s website.
  • NGOs see the analysis report before it is published, which gives them the opportunity to express any disagreement they could have. Such comments are also documented on the published report.
  • The organization´s report is updated periodically and valid for two years at the Confio´s web site.

Letter of Intent

  • The first step to participate is to present a letter of intent to initiate the agreement of collaboration between Confio and the organization. The format for the letter could be downloaded in the following link.

Costs and Scholarships

  • Every year Confio provides a limited number of scholarships that cover 100% of the process cost. The analysis process begins when the organization contacts Confío and ends with the publication of the report; the total cost of the process is $20,950 Mexican pesos. Scholarships are available thanks to the support and donations of Confio´s donors.

Tuition Fee

  • There is a onetime tuition fee of $950 Mexican pesos for participating organizations. The fee should be deposited in Confio´s bank account, and the letter of intent sent to Confio.
  • It is possible to redeem the tuition fee. When the organization is proactive and enthusiastic to start Confio´s process, the organization should provide the intent letter along with 12 documents (from the 36 documents required to complete the process), this is within two months after the initial diagnose was made. If the organizations take advantage of the scholarships available plus redeem the tuition fee could receive ALL Confio´s services for free.

B. Information Management

  • All organizations agree, as stated in the contract, to provide Confio with 24 documents in a time range no longer than 8 weeks, starting the day the organization provides their first set of documents. If the organization fails to submit such information during the time frame mentioned above, THEN A FEE of $1,000 pesos for information management is applied. The fee amount should be deposited directly into Confio´s bank account, before the analysis is complete.

ALL services could be free for  NGOs