Standards of Transparency and Best Practices

The standards of transparency and best practices for NGOs are recommendations from Confio to the organizations in terms of transparency and institutional reinforcement. The Standards were developed considering the international standards suggested by ICFO (International Committee on Fundraising Organizations) and adapted taking into account the Mexican legislation, the specific characteristics of the Mexican non-profit sector.

Confio’s model is designed so that any NGO could be analyzed, and neither the sector it worked in, size (in terms of budget), or local or national character would have an influence on its potential to comply with the Standards.

Confio’s public reports offer individuals and companies, independent, objective and consistent information on NGOs, to help them decide what NGO to collaborate with.   

9 Standards of Transparency and Best Practices (STBP):

1.-Operation and regulation of the governing board .
2.- Clarity and disclosure of the organization´s mission.
3.- Planning and activities follow up.
4.- Communication and truthful information..
5.- Financing transparency.
6.- Fund raising plurality.
7.- Control in fund expenditure.
8.- Financial statements disclosure and the accomplishment of the fiscal and legal liabilities.
9.- Volunteering encouragement.

The standards of transparency and best practices are not part of any legal regulations, nor are a grading system for the NGOs. It is not intended to highlight analyzed organization with high scores, however, the main purpose is to promote organizations good practices, acknowledge their opportunity areas, proactivity, and their experience on performing processes with transparency and accountability.

9 Standards of Transparency and Best Practices (STBP) for lower income organizations