How to understand Confíos’ transparency reports

 Confios’ main activity is to promote among mexican NGOs 9 Standards of Transparency and Best Practices and monitor NGOs for their compliance. The analysis is only carried out when requested by the organization and the results are reflected in a transparency report. Such report is based on the documentation submitted by the organization and it is good for two years, starting on its publication day at Confios’ website.

The reports are organized by subjects such as; governing board, organizations’ objectives, planning and follow up of activities, transparency, ethical communication, finance and funds management, compliance with legal and tax regulations, and volunteering.

Confio does assume that the information provided by the organizations is complete and truthful; and that there is no information other than the documentation provided on the issues discussed that would complement or contradict the given information.

Meet the 9 Standards of transparency and best practices

When a standard is NOT met, what does it mean?

When a standard is not met, it means the organization isn’t following the recommendations of transparency and best practices recommended by Confio. It does not mean the organization is committing anomalies or irregularities.
It is the donor who decides which organization to collaborate with, based upon the information provided, and its personal concerns.

Why is the reports’ information from one or two previous years?

Confio Works with historic information. The organizations should present audited financial statements from two previous years (for the organizations that apply this criteria).

In Mexico, it is required by law to present financial audited reports when an organization receives more than two million pesos in donations in a year. The audited reports should be presented by june of the following year. Auditors usually provide the reports after the month of june, therefore considering this time issue, Confio works with the latest audited information available.